United Nations Emergency Peace Service (UNEPS)

A proposal & global movement to address our five big challenges in preventing and managing armed conflict

UNEPS was specifically designed to help with:

  1. The prevention of armed conflict;
  2. Stopping genocide and mass atrocity crimes;
  3. Protecting civilians at extreme risk;
  4. Ensuring prompt start-up of demanding peace operations; and,
  5. Addressing human needs in areas where others cannot.

As proposed, it is to be:

  • a permanent, integrated UN formation,
  • a highly trained and well-equipped first-responder (‗UN 911‘)
  • ready for immediate deployment upon authorization of the UN Security Council;
  • multifunctional and multidimensional (civilians, police and military);
  • composed of 16,000 dedicated personnel (recruited professionals, selected, trained and employed by the UN);
  • co-located at a designated UN base under an operational headquarters and two mobile mission headquarters ;
  • capable of diverse assignments with specialised skills for security, humanitarian, health and environmental crises;
  • at sufficient strength to operate in high-threat environments ; and
  • a service to complement existing UN and regional arrangements.


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